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Water Lane

Alternative Willow Christmas Tree Weaving - 8th December - 10am 3.30pm

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With expert weaver Dominic Parrette, learn how to weave your own conical plant support / alternative willow Christmas tree.

About this event

In this workshop led by Dominic Parrette, you'll be taught how to weave your own robust, beautiful conical plant support that can double up as a Christmas decoration this winter. Using sustainable materials, Dominic will guide you through the basics of willow weaving to create your own structure based on a salmon trap.

Designed for beginners, or those wanting to refresh their skills, this special experience of gentle focused learning in a beautiful setting will certainly ensure an enjoyable day. The resulting support will be both elegant and robust and will last two or three growing seasons.

All materials supplied.

The end structure will be in the region of 6ft. So please allow for this when taking it home.

During the day tea and coffee will be provided and at lunchtime a simple 2-course menu in the restaurant for lunch is included.