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Red Shiso Seeds

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Adds colour and flavour to pickles, salads and even mojitos!

From the mint family, this moreish deep purple herbs notes of coriander, basil, cinnamon, liquorice and citrus: its incomparable, complicated flavour needs to be tried to be truly appreciated. It’s hard to find this intriguing herb outside of Japan so growing your own is a very sensible and rewarding choice.

Shiso leaves contain phytoncides, an antibacterial compound which is believed help keep food fresh for longer. In the days before refrigeration, seafood was wrapped in shiso leaves to prevent it spoiling during transport.

Niwaki design and source practical and beautifully designed garden tools and accessories. Working with skilled crafts people in Japan to create hard working, quatlity tools for gardeners all over the world.

  • 160 x 110 x 2mm.
  • Includes 700 seeds, approx.

Growing tips

  • Soak seeds for up to 8 hours before sowing.
  • Germinate in warm, damp, shaded soil.
  • Transfer to sun and plant 30cm apart.
  • Protect from frost.
  • Harvest young leaves from 8 weeks onwards.
  • Water the soil (not the leaves) when dry.
  • Sow away from cattle and horses - it’s poisonous for them.