* This recipe makes 4-6 glasses

While the temperatures are high make Jed Wrobel’s Gazpacho. We serve chilled in iced glasses with a tiny borage flower garnish for both flavour and presentation.
  • 500g of the best tomatoes you can grow or buy
  • 50g stale sourdough bread
  • 200g roasted and skinned red peppers, jarred is fine
  • 250g cucumber
  • 75g extra virgin olive oil
  • 50g sherry vinegar
  • 20g garlic
  • 20g basil
  • 20g parsley
  • Tabasco, salt and pepper to taste
Soak the bread in water. Roughly chop the vegetables into 1-inch pieces and combine all the other ingredients, except the bread, in a large bowl. Combine well and leave to macerate together for 15 minutes to let the juices start to run. Squeeze the water out of the bread and tear into the bowl

Blend in a food processor until smooth and season. Chill for several hours until properly cold and serve in chilled glasses with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil and a few borage or nasturtium flowers.