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Water Lane

Terrapy Terrariums - 25th October - 10:30 - 12.30

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Terrapy introduces you to the wonderful world of terrariums, their history, how they work and how to create one.

About this event

Terrapy introduces you to the wonderful world of terrariums, their history, how they work and how to maintain them; after which you will create one of your own.  At the end of the session, you will receive a beautiful bioactive terrarium, hand made with your newly acquired skills and yours to keep forever.

All tools, gorgeous tropical plants and materials to build the terrariums are provided in the session - the glass vessel supplied is approximately 24cm diameter x 25cm height). Our workshop last around 2 hours and tea or coffee and cake will be provided.

A little about Terrapy:

Seb started building terrariums as a way to relax and disconnect. (Seb realised he wasn't very good at meditating!) He found that when creating terrariums he was able to take a break from his thoughts and simply be present. Eventually he decided that he wanted to share this experience more widely and started Terrapy in 2021. These small leafy worlds in bottles that he teaches attendees to create in these workshops, can be little havens in times of stress, and building and maintaining them also happens to be great fun and a wonderful hobby. Promoting well-being is the underlying purpose behind these Terrapy sessions, though don't expect to sit in meditative silence when you visit - these workshops are lively and engaging.

To align with their core values, all Terrapy sessions are carbon negative, and 10% of their annual profits are donated to charities and organisations fighting climate change and promoting social equity. So you can enjoy your time with Terrapy knowing that you are doing good for others too.

All tools and materials will be supplied as well as a hot or cold drink and cake to keep you refreshed.

Participants are invited to stay on for lunch at Water Lane's restaurant. We recommend booking in advance to secure your tableClick here to make a restaurant booking.

Cancellations of workshops 

We are unable to offer refunds for our workshops. However, should you need to cancel a booking we will endeavour to sell your place via our database and social media. If successful, we will refund or offer an alternative course subject to availability. If you would like to transfer your ticket to a friend or family member, please advise us in writing.